Transportation support services

Transportation support services

Business space rental service

Hanoi bus station is one of the largest bus stations in Vietnam, with a large passenger flow. Therefore, space rental services here are also very developed, attracting many businesses and individuals to participate.

Space rental services at Hanoi bus station include many types such as: kiosk rental, store rental, office rental, warehouse rental,… Rental spaces have diverse areas. , from a few square meters to hundreds of square meters, suitable for the needs of many customers.

The rental price at Hanoi bus station is also quite competitive, ranging from a few million to tens of millions of VND/month, depending on the location, area and type of premises.

With the advantage of a prime location and large passenger flow, space rental service at Hanoi bus station is a potential business opportunity, bringing a stable source of income for businesses and individuals.

Below are some advantages of space rental service at Hanoi bus station:

  • Prime location, located in the city center, convenient for transportation and reaching customers.
  • Large passenger traffic creates diverse business opportunities and attracts potential customers.
  • Modern infrastructure, fully equipped, meeting the business needs of businesses and individuals.
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