Transportation support services

Transportation support services

Loading and unloading services and transportation of goods

Hanoi bus station is one of the largest bus stations in the country, with a huge amount of goods transported back and forth every day. To meet customer needs, Hanoi bus station has provided professional and reputable cargo loading and unloading services. Loading, unloading and transportation services include: transporting goods at the wharf and home delivery via app

1. Transporting goods at the wharf:

Loading and unloading service:

  • Loading and unloading goods onto/off trucks, containers, and ships.
  • Use forklifts, cranes, hoists,… to ensure safety and efficiency.
  • Professional and experienced loading and unloading staff.

Shipping services:

  • Transporting goods by trucks, containers, and boats.
  • Delivery and receipt of goods at customer’s request.
  • Providing cargo insurance services.

2. Home delivery via app:


  • Order trucks and tricycles through the app to transport goods.
  • Track the driver’s travel route.
  • Pay fares online.


  • Convenient, fast, easy to use.
  • Competitive price.
  • Safe, guaranteed intact goods.

Hanoi bus station’s cargo loading and unloading service is performed by a team of professional staff, well-trained and experienced in the field of cargo loading and unloading. This team of staff can load and unload many different types of goods, from light goods to bulky and heavy goods.

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