Station entrance and exit services

Station entrance and exit services

Vehicle service to and from the fixed route bus station

Fixed-route bus station entrance and exit service is a service provided to inter-provincial buses operating on fixed routes, including:

1. Pick up and drop off service:

  • Passenger cars are picked up and dropped off at a separate area in the bus station.
  • Passengers can get on and off the bus safely and conveniently.

2. Cargo loading and unloading services:

  • Passenger cars are loaded and unloaded in separate area in the bus station.
  • Goods are guaranteed to be safe and intact.

3. Support services:

  • The bus station provides information services about bus routes, ticket prices, and operating hours.
  • The bus station provides bus ticketing services.
  • The bus station provides parking service.

4. Service price:

  • Prices for car services entering and exiting fixed-route bus stations are regulated according to Decree 177/2013/ND-CP detailing the implementation of the Road Traffic Law and Decision of the Provincial/City People’s Committee on regulations. Price of car service to and from the bus station.
  • The specific service price will depend on the type of vehicle, route, departure time and accompanying services.

5. Implementation process:

  • Inter-provincial passenger car transport enterprises carry out procedures to buy tickets to enter and exit bus stations according to regulations.
  • Passenger cars pick up and drop off passengers at the designated area at the bus station.
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