Advertising services

Advertising services is a business that provides solutions to promote brands, products or services to target customers. Advertising services may include:

1. Rent static advertising space:

  • Billboards: Billboards are a traditional type of advertising, placed in locations with high traffic flow such as intersections, main roads, shopping centers, etc. Billboards can be Made from many different materials such as canvas, corrugated iron, mica,…
  • Advertising hoardings: Advertising hoardings are a type of large-sized advertising, often placed in high positions and with wide visibility such as: on buildings, along major roads,… Pano Advertising is often used to promote big brands, new products or important events.
  • Advertising posters: Advertising posters are a type of advertising printed on paper or canvas, smaller in size than advertising panels and often posted at locations such as: electricity poles, house walls, public areas, etc. Advertising posters are often used to promote products, services or local events.

2. Led screen advertising:

  • Advertising Led screen: Advertising Led screen is a modern type of advertising, using Led technology to display images, videos and advertising content. Advertising Led screens can be placed in locations such as: shopping centers, airports, densely populated areas, etc. Advertising Led screens have the ability to attract customers’ attention and spread the word. convey advertising messages effectively.
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